Evaluate your current telecommunications technology.   Did you sign up for Zoom and Slack just like everyone else? Are your team working remote fielding calls from cell phones and emailing confidential files to each other for collaboration? Are they saving customer records to their home computer hard drives? Is your team using 10 different passwords […]

Using the Find Your Audience tool we pulled the audience related to Home & Garden. Here are 11 YouTube audiences that are researching to purchase Home Improvement related services. View the YouTube audience profile here. People researching Home Improvement are also researching or planning to purchase these products and services: -Home & Garden Services -Home […]

Google introduces shopping_ads_excluded_country attribute which will allow you to exclude individual countries for certain products. You can use this attribute when you need to override the additional country settings that you already set up in the primary feed. When to use: Optional for each product Only available for Shopping ads Format: Type: String Limits: 2 […]

Google’s discovery ads help you reach billions of people in their feed in YouTube, Gmail, or Discover. According to this Google study, 86% of online customers are on the lookout for shopping ideas while they are exploring content or watch YouTube videos. Google Discovery Campaigns are simple to set up and easy to use. Some […]

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