Interactive Remote Assistance using Augmented Reality

Take a look at the problem—from IT to home improvement—in real-time, from your desk, through your customer’s mobile camera, and assist them using a variety of AR tools.

Zoho Lens

A remote assistance platform of the future

Zoho lens is built by professionals for professionals who assist their customers with remote support and need a comprehensive view of their client’s situation. Follow up appointments, small IT issues, error lights on AC systems, no longer require travel time.

Here are some of the industries Zoho lens can help using AR technology and your customer’s phone camera:

  • Field Service
  • Customer Service
  • Retail
  • Maintenance and Repair
  • Automotive
  • Insurance
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction

You can offer more valuable advice for solving issues if you can see the problem. With Zoho Lens, experts can view the camera stream of the smartphone or a smart glass at the remote location and layout work instructions right from their desk.

Adding extra information to the incoming stream will enhance communication between an expert and an end-user. AR annotations in Zoho Lens allow users to place arrows to mark specific locations on the screen. Experts and technicians at the remote end can also draw on the screen using a pencil tool, and rectangular and elliptical drawing tools, as well as erase and start over using the clear screen option.

At certain times, working with a smartphone limits the work you can do. Our integration with major smart glass vendors allows technicians to receive guidance even while working hands-free. The camera in the smart glass allows the wearer to broadcast the live streaming to the expert, and the wearable headsets provide the perfect platform to communicate verbally.

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