Introduction: Shelter Bay, a dynamic company in the finance industry, sought to overhaul its customer relationship management (CRM) system to streamline lead management and enhance customer engagement. The primary objective was to develop a customized solution using Zoho’s platform, integrating multiple lead sources and automating various aspects of lead assignment and customer communication. Challenges: Shelter […]

Introduction: A prominent construction company sought to revolutionize its sales and project management processes. The objective was to integrate and customize various Zoho applications, specifically Zoho CRM and Zoho Books, to streamline their operations and enhance overall efficiency. Challenges: The construction company faced several challenges: Solutions: Our approach was multi-faceted, focusing on deep integration and […]

Introduction: A real estate company required assistance in managing a significant volume of leads, amounting to over 2 million. The project aimed at uploading these leads into Zoho CRM efficiently and setting up a synchronization with Zoho Campaigns to facilitate a robust email marketing campaign. Challenges: The company faced the following challenges: Solutions: Our approach […]

Introduction: A dynamic marketing company aimed to enhance its operational efficiency through an integrated CRM system. The goal was to establish a comprehensive solution that seamlessly connected their website, Zoho Books, Zoho CRM, Zoho Bookings, and Zoho Projects, facilitating smoother workflow and better customer management. Challenges: The marketing company encountered several challenges: Solutions: Our customized […]

Introduction: A lead generation company specializing in the personal injury attorney field required a sophisticated solution to improve their lead delivery system. The goal was to develop a custom Zoho CRM system with advanced workflows capable of sending approved leads swiftly and efficiently to clients while enhancing overall lead quality and speed of delivery. Challenges: […]

Introduction: Cherry Management, an IT consulting and cybersecurity firm, required an advanced CRM solution to efficiently manage their partner and vendor relationships. The goal was to develop a feature within Zoho CRM that would synchronize partner contact records with the vendor module and integrate these with Zoho Books records. Challenges: Cherry Management faced several challenges: […]

Introduction: Mantality Health, a provider of anti-aging care with eight locations across the United States, required a comprehensive system to manage customer appointments and client progression efficiently. The objective was to integrate Calendly with Zoho CRM for appointment bookings, automate geographical lead routing, and synchronize payment options and document signing through Zoho Subscriptions and Zoho […]

Introduction In the fast-paced and dynamic construction industry, effective management of projects and client relationships is crucial. This case study explores the innovative integration of CompanyCam, a leading image upload app specifically designed for the construction sector, with Zoho CRM, widely regarded as the premier CRM solution for small and medium-sized businesses. Problem Statement The […]

Overview In a strategic move to revolutionize client engagement and presentation methods within our CRM system, our company developed the “Digital Transformation Management” extension for Zoho CRM. This innovative tool allows the embedding of 3D virtual tours powered by Matterport, a leader in real estate virtual reality, directly into the CRM. Challenge Our clients in […]

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