Maximize Impact: Target, Optimize, Expand Reach.

1.6 billion people worldwide are connected to a small business on Facebook.

Social media marketing is an extremely powerful vehicle to reach your audience and gain word of mouth referrals. Social media targeting is the best not only in the digital advertising industry but in the advertising period. You now have the tools to find more of your perfect customers based on your current buyers, target to the zip code level, or people who share the same values your brand stands for. In addition to having the best levers for targeting, companies like Facebook also give you many options to choose the right objective. What is the most important outcome you want from this ad? Is it a lead submission, or a video view; a website click or application download? Facebook Ads aren’t just anymore, Instagram, Messenger, Audience Network are all part of the platform now, and you can advertise on all of them. You can even select specific mobile devices to run ads on. Advertising is an investment, but Facebook is giving you tools to be in complete control of this investment with daily or lifetime budget options. Formatting your ad to deliver the most impactful messaging is possible via six ad formats that are designed to work on every device and connection speed. You can choose to show a single image or video in your ad, or use a roomier, multi-image format. Of course, our work does not stop upon launching your ad, we use a variety of optimization tools and analytics to make sure it continues to bring a positive impact to your business.

Large agency process at small business prices

We work with businesses of all sizes, but guarantee to always keep our prices affordable and deliver the most value. Throughout the years we worked with thousands of clients and this experience has sharpened us to be masters of our trade. You will find excellence in everything we do and we guarantee you will be pleased with the results.

Strategy and Research

Competition research and client onboarding process

Creative Design

Our designers are magicians and will create the perfect ad that matches your brand image.

Build & Launch Ads

Creating the perfect audience for your message.

Optimize and Analyze

No ad fatigue please! We will optimize and analyze on a monthly basis.

We are your social media agency

Our team has managed millions of dollars of social media spend throughout the years and this experience is the key to continuing to launch successful campaigns for our clients. We expert knowledge into specific industry messaging, laser focus targeting and the technical know-how to accomplish all of that at a reasonable price.

You will not find long PowerPoint presentations, drawn-out useless meetings, rather a fast-moving cohesive team that will deliver fast affordable results for their clients. Call us and speak to one of our digital marketing agents today!

  • Ad creation and graphic design
  • Content writing and story telling
  • Code install and expert analytics
  • Dedicated local project manager
  • Monthly or bi-weekly reporting
  • Landing page design
  • Video production
  • Managed live chat
  • Real time call tracking