What Makes IPQS Email Verification & Reputation Scoring Service Different?

IPQS Email Verification service has direct relationships with mail service providers to verify email addresses that other verification services simply cannot, such as mail providers that do not publicly allow emails to be verified. In addition to email validation, we provide extensive Email Reputation based on the email’s history of fraudulent activity and abuse. Disposable & temporary email addresses are also updated in real-time to catch the newest services and domains that fraudsters are using to conduct malicious activity online. The combination of validation and reputation scoring provides an edge in data quality and greater accuracy than any other service in the industry.

Real Time Email Verification and Reputation for Zoho CRM

This is an extension that lets you connect to your IPQUALITYSCORE account and update a lead/contact in real-time.
IPQS Email Verification API provides real-time Email Address Reputation Scoring that performs hundreds of syntax & DNS checks and determines if the email address actually exists with the mail service provider and is able to accept new messages. Additionally, determine if the email address belongs to a disposable or temporary mail service, has a history of fraudulent behavior, recent activity as a spam trap, honeypot, or frequent complainer, and many other data points.

Are you tired of bounced emails in Zoho CRM?

  • Protect your spam score when sending unsolicited emails
  • Avoid having ISP ban you
  • Increase your delivery rate
  • Sort out typos and wrong emails
  • Fix email bouncing issues in Zoho CRM
  • And more advantages when sending bulk Zoho CRM and Zoho Campaigns emails.

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