Case Study: Streamlining Appointment Booking and Client Management for Mantality Health


Mantality Health, a provider of anti-aging care with eight locations across the United States, required a comprehensive system to manage customer appointments and client progression efficiently. The objective was to integrate Calendly with Zoho CRM for appointment bookings, automate geographical lead routing, and synchronize payment options and document signing through Zoho Subscriptions and Zoho Sign.


Mantality Health faced several challenges:

  • Inefficient appointment booking process not integrated with their CRM system.
  • Difficulty in managing leads and assigning them to the appropriate location and manager.
  • Need for an automated system to handle payments and document signing efficiently.


Our custom solution for Mantality Health included:

  • Calendly and Zoho CRM Integration: We integrated Calendly with Zoho CRM, enabling customers to book appointments directly. The system automatically captured these leads in the CRM.
  • Automated Geo-Routing and Email Communication: Leads were automatically routed based on geographic location to the relevant branch and manager. Following this, customers received automated emails with location data and further instructions.
  • Zoho CRM and Subscriptions Integration: The integration with Zoho Subscriptions streamlined the payment options for clients, facilitating the progression from a lead to a paying client.
  • Zoho Sign for Document Management: Clients received automated emails with Zoho Sign documents to sign. Once signed, the system updated their records, allowing them to proceed to active client status.


The implementation process involved:

  • Configuring the integration between Calendly and Zoho CRM to capture and manage appointments.
  • Developing custom workflows for geo-routing leads and automating email communications.
  • Integrating Zoho CRM with Zoho Subscriptions for seamless payment processing.
  • Setting up Zoho Sign for efficient document management and record updating.


The integrated system led to:

  • Streamlined appointment booking, leading to enhanced customer convenience and satisfaction.
  • Efficient lead management with automated geographic routing and communication.
  • Smooth transition of leads to paying clients through integrated payment and document signing processes.
  • Reduction in manual work and increased operational efficiency.


This project with Mantality Health showcased our capability to integrate various Zoho applications, creating a seamless and efficient system for managing customer appointments, payments, and document signing. The solution significantly improved Mantality Health’s operational processes and client experience.

Lessons Learned and Future Recommendations:

The project underscored the importance of integrating appointment booking systems with CRM for improved customer management. Future enhancements could include further automation in client follow-up processes and integration with additional Zoho tools for comprehensive service management.

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