Case Study: Enhancing Customer Relationship Management for Shelter Bay via Customized Zoho Solutions


Shelter Bay, a dynamic company in the finance industry, sought to overhaul its customer relationship management (CRM) system to streamline lead management and enhance customer engagement. The primary objective was to develop a customized solution using Zoho’s platform, integrating multiple lead sources and automating various aspects of lead assignment and customer communication.


Shelter Bay faced several challenges:

  • Inefficient lead management due to multiple external lead providers.
  • Lack of an automated system for lead assignment based on geographic location, time zones, and agent quotas.
  • Absence of an integrated communication system with RingCentral for effective customer interaction.
  • Inadequate reporting and analytics tools for performance tracking and optimization.


Our approach included a range of custom solutions:

  • Lead Integration and Management: We connected multiple lead providers using webhooks and Zoho CRM custom functions through API endpoints. This setup ensured seamless lead flow without the need for double entry.
  • Custom Lead Assignment Rules: Leads were automatically assigned to agents based on their geographic location and time zones. Additionally, a quota system was implemented, limiting the number of leads assigned to each agent per day.
  • RingCentral Integration: The system was integrated with the RingCentral API, syncing all contacts for enhanced caller ID functionality.
  • Automated Communication: Emails and text messages were programmed to be sent to customers based on their local time zones during business hours, with an opt-out option for text messaging.
  • Zoho Sign Integration: We implemented a custom integration with Zoho Sign, automatically updating the compliance field upon customer signature.
  • Zoho Analytics: KPI Reporting and AI Optimization: Custom KPI reports were developed for the owner. An AI-based system was also created to analyze lead conversion times and suggest optimizations.


The implementation process involved:

  • Close collaboration with Shelter Bay to understand their specific requirements.
  • Utilization of Zoho’s built-in functions along with custom coding to tailor the CRM system.
  • Rigorous testing to ensure seamless integration and functionality of the new system.


Post-implementation, Shelter Bay experienced:

  • Significant improvement in lead management efficiency.
  • Enhanced accuracy and timeliness in customer communications.
  • Better resource allocation and agent performance due to effective lead distribution.
  • Improved decision-making through comprehensive KPI reports and AI-based suggestions.


The project successfully transformed Shelter Bay’s CRM capabilities, making the lead management process more efficient and data-driven. The integration of custom solutions within Zoho’s platform demonstrated our ability to address complex business needs effectively.

Lessons Learned and Future Recommendations:

The project underscored the importance of understanding client needs and the value of custom solutions in CRM systems. Future enhancements could include further AI integration for predictive analytics and expanding the scope of automated customer interactions.

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