Case Study: Enhancing Client Engagement with Matterport Virtual Tours in Zoho CRM


In a strategic move to revolutionize client engagement and presentation methods within our CRM system, our company developed the “Digital Transformation Management” extension for Zoho CRM. This innovative tool allows the embedding of 3D virtual tours powered by Matterport, a leader in real estate virtual reality, directly into the CRM.


Our clients in real estate, restoration, construction, and similar industries faced a significant challenge in conveying the real-time experience of properties or projects to potential customers and stakeholders. Traditional images and descriptions in the CRM were not sufficient to capture the intricate details and spatial awareness provided by an actual site visit.


To overcome this challenge, we introduced an extension that integrates Matterport’s virtual reality (VR) tours into Zoho CRM. This extension allows users to embed their Matterport VR walkthrough codes into the CRM, making these immersive tours accessible as related list items in the Leads and Deals modules.

Key Features

  • Seamless Integration with Zoho CRM: Users can easily save their Matterport VR tours inside Zoho CRM, enhancing their data management capabilities.
  • Embedded VR Tours in CRM Modules: The virtual reality tour loads within a related list in the Leads and Deals modules, providing easy access and organization.
  • Immersive User Experience: Users can engage with Matterport virtual tours without leaving Zoho CRM, offering a seamless and immersive experience.
  • High Performance and Functionality: Matterport tours load quickly and maintain full functionality within the CRM modules, ensuring a smooth user experience.


Enhanced Client Presentation

This integration significantly improved the way our clients present properties and projects. The immersive VR tours offer a realistic experience, providing a better understanding and feel of the space than traditional photos or descriptions.

Increased Efficiency and Convenience

The ability to access these VR tours directly within Zoho CRM saved time and resources, eliminating the need for external applications or tools. This integration streamlined the process of showcasing properties and projects to potential clients.

Competitive Advantage

Offering VR tours within the CRM gave our clients a competitive edge in their respective industries. It enhanced their marketing and sales strategies, leading to increased engagement and interest from potential customers.

Diverse Industry Applications

While particularly beneficial for real estate, the extension proved valuable for restoration and construction industries, where visual representation plays a crucial role in project approval and client satisfaction.


The integration of Matterport VR tours into Zoho CRM through the “Digital Transformation Management” extension marked a significant advancement in client engagement and presentation capabilities. By leveraging cutting-edge VR technology, our clients can now offer an immersive and realistic experience directly within their CRM system. This case study demonstrates the effectiveness of integrating innovative technologies into traditional business systems to enhance user experience and business outcomes.

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