Case Study: Custom Integration of Avalara API in Zoho CRM for a Construction Company


A construction company required a customized solution in their Zoho CRM system to accurately calculate and apply sales tax on their quotes. The project focused on integrating the Avalara API to fetch real-time sales tax information and apply it directly to products in their quote module.


The company faced specific challenges:

  • Lack of real-time sales tax calculation capabilities within the existing Zoho CRM system.
  • The need for a dynamic solution to recalculate taxes easily as and when required.
  • Difficulty in finding a service provider capable of implementing this specialized integration.


Our tailored approach included:

  • Avalara API Integration: We integrated Avalara API with the Zoho CRM’s quote module, enabling it to fetch real-time sales tax information for products.
  • Dynamic Tax Recalculation Feature: A custom button was added to the system, allowing users to recalculate taxes on the fly, ensuring accuracy and flexibility in tax computation.
  • Customized CRM Functionality: This integration provided a feature that was previously unavailable in the standard Zoho CRM setup, tailored specifically to the needs of the construction company.


The implementation process involved:

  • In-depth analysis of the existing quote module and understanding the tax calculation requirements.
  • Custom coding and API integration to link Avalara with Zoho CRM.
  • Development of a user-friendly button for instant tax recalculation.
  • Testing and validation to ensure accuracy and seamless functionality.


The custom integration led to:

  • The successful addition of real-time sales tax calculation capabilities in the Zoho CRM system.
  • Enhanced accuracy and efficiency in quote generation for the construction company.
  • Completion of the project under budget and ahead of schedule, exceeding client expectations.


This project showcased our ability to provide bespoke solutions in Zoho CRM, addressing a specific and challenging requirement of the construction company. The integration with Avalara API significantly improved their quote management process, demonstrating our expertise in custom CRM solutions.

Lessons Learned and Future Recommendations:

The project highlighted the importance of understanding unique industry needs and the value of integrating external APIs for enhanced functionality. Future developments could focus on further automating the tax calculation process and exploring integrations with other financial management tools.

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