Zoho CRM & WhatsAPP Extension

  • Message any lead or contact in your Zoho CRM with your WhatsAPP account.
  • Sales signals alerts you any new messages coming in.
  • Logs are recorded under activities.
Any questions or demo requests please call 561-331-5360 or fill out form above or chat with us online.
Price: See below plus an API monthly fee from 3rd party $39/mo.

3rd party is unofficial and independent of WhatsApp Inc;You agree not to use the 3rd party service for spam and bulk messaging; By authorizing the phone number (messenger account) in the 3rd party service, you agree that 3rd party will have full access to the authorized account in the messenger; 3rd party has the right to block your access to the service in case of violation of the “Public Agreement” or “Message Content Requirements”; Authorizing your number you agree on our terms of service. We advise you to read our tips on using 3rd party.

Enterprise license is required
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API fee from 3rd party @$39/mo

Once you complete step 1 and step 2, we will email you the extension for you to install in your Zoho CRM.

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Step 2: Sign Terms and Conditions (Month to Month Don’t Worry)

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