Consumer’s behavior is changing fast during the pandemic and marketers need tools to keep up with this often unpredictable trend. Google provides an interactive tool to research break out categories in Google Search, the locations with highest growth, and the keywords associated with it. This updates daily. View: Think with Google

Interesting top trending categories:

  1. Sprinkler Controls (I guess most people staying home realized their sprinklers need some upgrades)
  2. Sneeze Guards (no explanation needed)
  3. Household Disinfectants (yep, same as above)
  4. Neck Gaiters (honestly I had to google this, but yes this also predictable)
  5. Motor Vehicle Windshield Covers (once we look at the keywords: rv rental near me, camper rental near me, rent a rv near me; this makes sense. Instead of flying this summer, people opt to travel by RV, which is why that is another category booming)
  6. Craft Molds (hmm interesting one)
  7. Hand Sanitizers & Wipes (major shortage in wipes I hear)
  8. Disposable Gloves (I hope people recycling those)


This is interesting as most of these start with California, Texas, Florida, New York. The top states with cases in this pandemic. I like this tool, thank you Google.

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