Google’s discovery ads help you reach billions of people in their feed in YouTube, Gmail, or Discover. According to this Google study, 86% of online customers are on the lookout for shopping ideas while they are exploring content or watch YouTube videos.

Google Discovery Campaigns are simple to set up and easy to use.

Some of the things to remember:

  1. Use his quality images (1200×1200, 1200×628), or use the site scan feature to find the best images for pattern interrupt, making your campaigns more effective. Discovery creative guidelines or download creative guide.
  2. Use the single image or multi-image options with carousel options with both square and landscape images. Choose at least 5 for each option.
  3. Highlight information about your product and promotions with your headlines and descriptions. (use sentence casing, not all caps)
  4. Ensure your language settings are correct.
  5. Focus on the right audience like previous customers. Google says advertisers that add custom intent, customer match, remarketing, or similar audiences to their discovery ads have seen 81% higher conversion rates and 25% lower CPAs (cost per acquisition).
  6. Chose a daily budget at least 10 times your target lead cost and wait at least 40 conversions before making changes to your campaign.
  7. Measure performance. Make sure you have all your tracking codes installed on all your pages. Google Tag Manager is a great tool for this.

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