Google recently concluded a study with Deloitte, where they looked at 37 leading European and American brand sites across many verticals. Mobile loading times were monitored hourly for a month, with the results consolidated with typical real time mobile journey metrics.

What they found was:

  1. On faster sites, more customers reached the checkout. Faster loading times improve every step of the journey, which means more $$$
  2. Faster sites encouraged people to stay longer and buy more. Conversion rates went up in both travel and retail verticals, sometimes double digits just by decreasing load times by only a tenth of a second.
  3. Faster sites had lower bounce rates. That’s huge as bounce rates kill your SEO. Just by decreasing load times by 0.1 seconds for an informational page bounce rate plummeted by 8.3% for 1 in 2 lead gen sites.

Where do I start?

  1. Start by analyzing and understanding your site using this free tool by Google.
  2. Analyze how a reduction in loading times helps your bottom line using Google and Zoho Analytics.
  3. Hire the pros that can tweak your site coding and offer cutting edge technologies like caching


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