According to our friends at Adweek, Facebook is testing an email marketing tool for small businesses. Business owners can enter email addresses one by one or uploaded bulk via excel. Then the email communication can be sent out via the platform, and it is designed for small businesses to be able to notify their customers of changes or announcements. Business owners will be able to track and report on the campaigns’ performance.

So far Facebook hasn’t said if the tool will be released to everyone, so we must wait a little longer to find out. It is very interesting how email marketing was supposed to be dead many years ago, but in 2020 it is still one of the best tools to communicate with customers or prospects.

People that are part of the lucky test group can access this tool in their pages’ inbox.

We are very excited about this possible upgrade, and we shall see if Facebook will stick with it.

AdWeek also provided some screenshots from Coffey & Tea managing director Meg Coffey.

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