Digital Transformation Management


Product management

With a single click, you can easily migrate your products to your store. Effortless management of product details by uploading images in bulk.

Make it SEO-friendly by filling out all the metadata needed for Google to crawl your site.

Batch & serial tracking

We know not all products can be managed the same way. Zoho Commerce can track and manage products manufactured in batches or with different serial numbers. Returns, products, sales all managed effortlessly in an easy to use the portal.

Manage customers

Customer can access their profile, including current order status, saved addresses, and order histories. They can post product reviews, cancel or update their order.

Shipping & delivery management

Streamline the shipping process by integrating with all your favorites shipping carriers. Define the shipping zones and display delivery time to visitors.

Covid-19 puts e-commerce into the forefront

Companies around the world are accelerating changes or new deployments of online operations, so they can compete better in the age of Digital Transformation.

We are living in exceptional times. Digital revenue spiked 41% during the final 15 days of the 1st quarter. Looking back, these served as signals to give retailers a head start in digital transformation.

When retailers started compiling with local official orders, customers had no choice but to make their purchases online.

Businesses with a strong e-commerce presence and quality customer experience have started emerging as clear leaders, while others got stuck behind.

Will things ever go back to normal, is the question everyone asks.  Rightfully so, as history tells us, transformations are never temporary.

The longer this lasts the more people alter their shopping patterns, and a new economy emerges.  E-commerce is an easy, and core component of this new economy.

E-commerce is no longer for widget sales.  Every business looking to compete from this day forward must have an easy to use and up to date e-commerce store, single product checkout page, or online subscriptions options.
  • Fully customized e-commerce stores
  • Quickly deployed e-commerce light with all the advanced features
  • Single product checkout pages
  • Subscription based business checkouts

Multiple Softwares. One Vendor.

Let us exam your digital needs and recommend the best solution for you. We work with many of the top e-commerce platforms, and depending on your company’s needs we can present and develop the perfect solution.

We can handle anything from license sales to full customization and implementation of a new cutting edge e-commerce store at the prices any business can afford.

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