Using the Find Your Audience tool we pulled the audience related to Home & Garden. Here are 11 YouTube audiences that are researching to purchase Home Improvement related services. View the YouTube audience profile here. People researching Home Improvement are also researching or planning to purchase these products and services: -Home & Garden Services -Home […]

Google’s discovery ads help you reach billions of people in their feed in YouTube, Gmail, or Discover. According to this Google study, 86% of online customers are on the lookout for shopping ideas while they are exploring content or watch YouTube videos. Google Discovery Campaigns are simple to set up and easy to use. Some […]

This week Facebook introduced shops, their push into online shopping, helping small businesses sell their goods through their platform, and giving them access to much-needed eCommerce technology during the Covid-19 induced digital transformation. “It’s clear at this point that COVID isn’t just a health emergency… It’s also the biggest economic shock that we’ve felt in our […]

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