Evaluate your current telecommunications technology.   Did you sign up for Zoom and Slack just like everyone else? Are your team working remote fielding calls from cell phones and emailing confidential files to each other for collaboration? Are they saving customer records to their home computer hard drives? Is your team using 10 different passwords […]

According to our friends at Adweek, Facebook is testing an email marketing tool for small businesses. Business owners can enter email addresses one by one or uploaded bulk via excel. Then the email communication can be sent out via the platform, and it is designed for small businesses to be able to notify their customers […]

This week Facebook introduced shops, their push into online shopping, helping small businesses sell their goods through their platform, and giving them access to much-needed eCommerce technology during the Covid-19 induced digital transformation. “It’s clear at this point that COVID isn’t just a health emergency… It’s also the biggest economic shock that we’ve felt in our […]

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